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4 things to stop doing when cleansing your face

Started cleansing when The Spice Girls ruled the world & Hanson posters covered your bedroom door? As a cleanser pro, you probably think you couldn’t possibly need any tips. WRONG! Wronger than Ricki-Lee not winning Australian Idol. 

Here are 4 tips that’ll change everything you thought you knew about cleansing. 

Get your skin from WOE to GLOW:

1/ No water wasty

Have you been rinsing your face with water before you cleanse? DON'T! In fact, if you wear make-up, it’s better to apply your cleanser to a dry face instead, so that the cleanser can ^grip^ to the make-up and break it down more effectively.

2/ Skip the shower

Avoid cleansing in the shower, especially if you have super hot showers. The water pressure & heat can cause unnecessary broken capillaries. Rinse your cleanser off over the sink with lukewarm water. Go old skool & use a wet [& clean] flannel to remove your cleanser. If you're like "pffft...ain't got time for sink cleansing", ok, pinky promise us that you'll face away from the shower head.

3/ Product overload 

Think you can skip the morning cleanse? Ohhh, heck no Mama. Those fancy schmancy night time products HAVE to come off. This gives your skin some breathing space before you go whacking on your day products [skincare, makeup or sunscreen]. Otherwise you’ll suffocate your skin.

4/ Half-job-Harry

High-fiving yourself after cleansing? Hold off for a min & cleanse again. Yes, double cleansing is a game-changer. The 1st cleanse breaks down oils, dirt & makeup. With all the sh^t out of the way, the 2nd cleanse gives the hero ingredients a fighting chance to address skincare concerns. BUT [capital letters required], if you’re not using the right cleanser for your skin goals, double cleansing will not help you. So, find a cleanser that makes your skin feel like a rockstar instead of a groupie. 

Ready to shake up your skincare routine with these nifty tips? PROVE IT! Get cleansing, share a snap or vid on Insta & tag @facingmotherhood. Glow get `em Mama. 


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