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5 ingredients you never want to see in your skincare

Do you really know what’s in your skincare? Like for reals?

Take a look at the latest product you bought. List of ingredients look like gibberish right? You think ^well I saw Insta famous so & so say that she swears by this. Surely it’s totally fine.^ It’s time to wake up and smell the BULLDUST.

Lot’s of your fav [and heavily pimped] products have toxic crap in them that are not good for you. It’s not quite marketing sexy to lead with ^This overpriced product may cause reproductive issues^ but guess what? Some of the ingredients do and much, ^much^ worse.

At facing motherhood we’ve decided if you can’t beat them, expose em’ – BOOM! Here’s 5 ingredients you should run far, far away from.

This preservative is commonly used in skincare to extend the shelf-life of products. A geeky study found that parabens are absorbed by our skin, enter our bloodstream and remain within tissue. This is some serious sh#t because it’s a known hormone disruptor and mimics oestrogen. This gives it a bad rep for being linked to the cause of cancers, tumours, reproductive issues and skin irritations like dermatitis.

The f-word no Mama should ever see on or in her skincare. This preservative is carcinogenic [cancer-causing] to peeps. It’s known for causing severe skin irritation n’ allergies and lung conditions like asthma.

An industrial chemical found in synthetic fragrances and plastics. It is thought to be a hormone disruptor that can lead to crazy serious issues like endometriosis and cancer. Derivatives of this chemical have been banned in personal care products in the EU only.

Ok, it’s heartbreaking and a tad confusing to tell you this, but this harmful ingredient is commonly found in sunscreen. A product that’s designed to protect you, can also harm you. It’s linked to hormone disruption, cell damage and ultimately cancer. And also linked to the cause of reproductive issues. Far out brussel sprout! Select a safer, mineral sunscreen option such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Are polyether compounds found in a scary amount of cosmetic products. They are thought to cause skin irritation, liver and kidney damage. Hormone disruptor? You betcha. Also known as carcinogenic [cancer-causing] as the compound particle is small enough to be absorbed through the skin.

WARNING! Sometimes skincare bizos try to fool us and use other terms to refer to these ingredients [dodgy f^ckers].

I hate to break it to you but these are only small fry when it comes to the list of harmful ingredients used in skincare. Now Vikki, you’re probs wondering why companies use them. And Vik, that’s because they are big-fat-jerks that care more about money than your health. Find skincare makers that are transparent about their ingredients and their values align with your own.  

TOSS IT MAMA – Grab your skincare products & start checking if they include these ingredients. Toss em’ out if they do and SHARE this list with your Mama pals.