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Chemical Vs Physical exfoliation - Which is better for tired skin?

You know exfoliating is a ^must-do^ to get rid of tired-Mum-face. However, before you become a mother scrubber, let’s clear some things up. There's two different types of exfoliants - chemical & physical. Here’s the dirt on the difference between them so you know which way to G-L-O-W.   

I know what you're thinking right now. Samantha [Sex & the City] when she gets a chemical peel done & scares everyone with her red-raw face at Carrie's book launch.

Am I right? Ok, let's clear something up - chemical exfoliants [well good & natural ones] won't give you the ^Samantha-effect^. They're actually not bad. Hear us out...

A chemical exfoliant is referring to the use of mild acids [e.g Salicylic acid] or fruit enzymes [e.g Pineapple extract] to shed dead skin cells. Chemical doesn't mean toxic at all [depending on the ingredients]. This type of exfoliant is applied to the skin in the form of a serum, cream or mask. It does ^all the work^ for you.

Pros// No scrubbing required, deeper skin penetration & longer lasting effects. More suited to helping sort out hormonal or dry skin.

You// Does facing motherhood have a chemical exfoliant that I can try?

Us// You betcha! The QUICKIE mask - 2-min pineapple face mask. The pineapple extract gently exfoliates & brightens your tired Mum face. It's the tropical fix you need to face motherhood [+ hormonal breakouts, blackheads & tired skin]. You know us - so it's natural, vegan, tested on Mamas & made in Melbs.

This is the type of exfoliant you're more used to. It's sometimes called a manual exfoliant because it requires you to scrub it onto the skin with your hands or a tool. These are usually found in the form of a dry scrub, cream or gel base.

Pros// Works the top layer of skin so immediate results are visible & getting handsy with your face stimulates circulation.

You// Got a physical exfoliant I can try?

Us// Heck yeah! Become a #motherscrubber & get the Boom MOCHA laka - Face n' bod exfoliant.


SHOP the natural way to face motherhood [& avoid burny Samantha face].