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DIY Home Spa

Go from ^blah^ to ^ahhh^ within minutes.

Now that we’re all bunking down, trips to the beauty salon are goneski. Let’s be honest, did we ever have time to get there anywayz?

Motherhood is rough n’ tough on the bod. And hours [nay, minutes] in the bathroom is a luxury your kids don’t afford you. It’s time to pop a Bluey marathon & transform your toy-filled bathroom to a Swiss haven. Sexy Sven might not be available, but here’s how you can do your own home spa.

You see that rectangle contraption taking up space in your bathroom? That’s a bath & we ^insist^ you get in it. Soak your little heart out. While you're at it, light those fancy AF candles. Not a bath fan? No probs. Foot spa it is then.

Try these goodies ~

Post parTEA- Postpartum tea bath
Got achy breaky parts? This soak is packed with natural ingredients that are known for reducing swelling & relaxing muscles. Plus, the floral scent makes you feel like you’re at a fancy schmancy day spa.

MILK mama – Postpartum milk bath
Say “Bye Felicia” to dry n’ itchy skin and “Hello Cleopatra” to a soft n’ supple bod. Smooth as a baby’s be-hind. This magic milk smooths body marks, scars & wrinkles. Triple threat!

What’s the big deal with face masks? Great question Shannon! Perks of a face mask include deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxifying clogged pores and clarifying the skin. Basically, they’re your one-way ticket to Glow-Town. Been there? It’s lovely. And freaky looking sheet masks are not essential and a tad bit impractical #justsaying. Don’t worry Shan, we gotchu.

Try this goodie ~

QUICKIE mask - 2 min pineapple face mask
Got 2 mins? Here’s the pore-fect clay mask to face hormonal breakouts, blackheads & tired skin. This multi-masker will exfoliate, brighten & nourish.

It’s time to scrub - not the bath silly, your bod! Exfoliate your entire body to remove dry and dead skin. This will help to brighten, smooth and soften your skin. And don’t forget the Mum-kini area to prevent ingrown hairs [eeek!].

Try this goodie ~

Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant
Wash away your ridiculously tired skin & let a fresh-faced Mama shine through. WARNING - using this goodie will make it impossible to stop sliding your fingers on your smooth & silky skin.

That bath would have been divine, but warm water is like a moisture sucking vampire on your skin. It’s ok Mama, there’s no kids in sight to squeeze n’ squirt your fav creams [they’re still watching Bluey, riiight?]. Whip out the moisturiser and smear it all over.

Wanna go next-level? If you’ve got eye bags bigger than the Louis Vuitton travel collection, dot on a luxe eye cream. The only bag you need to worry about is your nappy bag.

Try this goodie ~

ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream
Get that pre-Mama ^slept all night^ look. No more puff baggy for you. This goodie is like an espresso shot for your tired eyes.

Don’t faff around next time you find your kids occupied with an activity. Just whip out this pamper sesh and make the minutes matter. Because as Eminem sings in Lose Yourself “If you had one shot. Or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?”

Mic drop.

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