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Exfoliation explained: What’s an exfoliant and why you need it

Got dull & tired skin? The wear n' tear of motherhood will do that to you. That's why you need a trusty side-kick to get bring back the sparkle. This is the only time an ex is a good thing to keep around.

So, what they heck is an exfoliant?

It’s a product & process used to help you shed skin cells. Yes, your skin does do this naturally but even when you go all “you can’t sit with us”, those pesky dead skin cells don’t get the memo. An exfoliant is basically a way to give em’ a wriggle on and make room for new skin cells. Hello fresh-faced Mama!

But do I need one? For reals?

Yes, yep & yeah. And here’s why you need [& should want] to exfoliate -

1/ Skincare werky

Give your fancy moisturiser & ^OMG how much did I spend? ^ serums a fighting chance of absorbing into your skin & actually working.

2/ Keeping up [youthful] appearances

Smooth as your baby’s bottom…or close to it. Fine lines, pores & cute dimply skin will appear smoother.

3/ Avoid hairy situations

Un-trap ingrown hairs that lurk beneath your Mumkini area.

4/ Less streak & ekkk!

Prep your bod for fake tan. Bonus - helps remove manky fake tan.

Ok, I’m listening. How often should I exfoliate?

Twice per week will do. No more because over scrubbing can strip the skin of natural oils. The skin then freaks out & produces more oil. The over-production of oil causes breakouts. It’s a vicious cycle really.

Got something that’s worth a looksy?

You ask the BEST questions!

If you’re on the hunt for a natural exfoliant that over delivers, try facing motherhood’s Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant.

Mama, you don't got time for separate this & thats. Our exfoliant is for the face n' bod. One scrub to rule them all! BOOM.

Hmmm this seems like a sneaky sales gimmick to me. How do I know it’s good?

Ok, let’s cut the BS. We love it & think it’s the bomb-diggity of exfoliants but it’s also Mama tested & approved.

Here’s what real #motherscrubbers are saying -

"My face feels amazing after that scrub." ~ Mama Veronica

"The coffee scent is just amazing." ~ Mama Danielle

"LOVED IT. Feel so refreshed." ~ Mama Leah

I skim read & scrolled to the bottom. Can I watch a vid about this instead?

Sure. WATCH our Facebook live replay ‘Dull skin. How to bring back that sparkle.