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Prep your skin for fake tan

Love faking it? We’re talking about your tan.

Patchy? Spotty? Streaky? They’re not puppy name recommendations. They’re fake tan fails that can have you hiding beneath your activewear forever.

Fake-tan issues are a right of passage in the beauty world. We’ve all been there. Some people [cough-Mama Holly-cough] recently put on a 2-hr fake-tan for 24 hrs [whoopsie]. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Y’see, the key to fake tan goals are all about preparing your skin - the ^right^ way. Nail this & you’ll be smiling & shining in no time.

Get preppin’ ~

1/ Be a #motherscrubber
Please eye-roll next time a spray-tanner or beauty-expert tells you to exfoliate on the day of fake tanning. A once-off ain’t gonna do the job. Want a smooth surface on fake-tan day? Exfoliate on the reg. Twice per week, EVERY week. Pick 2 days [e.g. Wed & Sun] to scrub your face & bod, consistently.

2/ As Prince sang - “Cream, get on top.”
Pick a cream based exfoliant b’coz an oil based exfoliant will leave an icky-oily residue on your skin. It’s like the c^ck-blocker of fake-tanning.

pssst - Y’know those ^very^ popular loose scrubs? They’re usually oil based. Now, you can probs see why your fake-tan attempts have been useless. It’s not you, it’s ^totally^ them.

3/ Clean slate
Some of your bathroom goodies don’t play well with fake tan. Wash off all lotions & potions hours before application. If you don’t fancy being a shade of green [Hulk style] skip deodorant, perfume & your usual skincare routine.

pssst - The only exception is if you have ^really^ dry bits [e.g. elbows, knees, hands & feet]. Slather on a light moisturiser to prevent the tan from over-developing in these dry areas.

4/ Hairy situation
Once upon a time [when Nokia mobiles were all the rage], someone let a tanning myth run wild. They told unsuspecting fake-tanners that it was fine to shave/wax right before application [audible gasp!]. Just like our old Nokia’s, we can’t wait for this tale to die. Remove hair a couple of days before you apply fake tan. Why? Hair removal opens up pores & can then fill with excess tanning solution - causing more spots than a Dalmatian. Also, it gives your skin a chance to heal or calm down from any reactions or cuts you may have had.

Ok smarty pants, do you have something that’ll help?
Here comes the BOOM!

Our Boom MOCHA laka is the Thelma to your Louise of fake-tan prep. And it’s cream-based. Plus, use it dry to remove manky fake tan.


Hey faker, show us your streak-free tan [thanks to these tips]. Tag us on Insta [@facingmotherhood].