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How to look & feel less tired

Feeling flat all day? Crawling to the finish line of bedtime? Or always reply “busy” every time someone asks you how you’re going?

This bloggy is dedicated to you!

Sure, we have caffeine fuelled skincare to help tired Mums [#shamelessplug Wake Me Up Collection]. But there’s more than one way to approach this.

That’s why we’ve called in the big guns [aka - experts] to help tired & busy Mums.

From glam, fitness, nutrition, well-being & support - here’s a team of Mumperts that wanna help WAKE YOU UP!


// Get glam in 3 steps
With Natalie @peaceblissandbeauty

Forget an elaborate 15 step makeup routine. Mama ain’t got time for that. To look fresh, Nat swears by these 3 products -

Tinted moisturizer
Apply a thin layer of the tinted moisturizer with your fingers. A good one will conceal redness or purple tones.

Nat prefers a liquid concealer rather than a cream based one. A little goes a long way & it’s easier to blend in. Use it under the eyes [bye-bye panda eyes].

2-in-1 Blush/Illuminator
Dab a bit on the lips to gloss ‘em up. Then a smidge on the cheeks. Blend in with a brush along your cheekbone.

WATCH Nat in action.


// Easy peasy home workout
With Laura

Stuck inside? Tired? No probs. Laura’s gonna help you get your core to the floor! Here’s a quickie workout you can do among the chaos of kids & toys -

Perform 30 secs of each move
Have a quick rest at the end
Repeat 3 times

Bear crawl
Shoulder taps
Donkey kick to fire hydrant [L & R]
In & out glute bridge.

WATCH Laura & her mighty moves.


// Replenish your energy & reduce stress
With Louise @moretomum |

Want more sleep? Yeah, we can’t really promise that. But Louise has a super practical tip about how to get emotional rest.

Louise asks - have you ever spent time with someone & walked away feeling completely refreshed? Some people make us feel better just by being in their presence. Think about this - who do you trust? Who do feel really comfortable with? These relationships give us emotional rest.

During this pandemic, we can’t physically be around these wonderful peeps. But, we can go old skool and call them. Or new skool and FaceTime or Zoom with them. The tech doesn’t matter, it’s just about making time to lock in a virtual date with someone who’ll lift you up.

Who can you connect with?

WATCH Louise discuss emotional rest.


// Turbocharge your energy with a smoothie
With Melissa @melfinlay_nutritionist |

Smoothie obsessed? They’re super easy to make, taste great & can turbocharge your energy levels.

Mel’s top tips are to throw in ingredients that are a great source of fibre, fat & protein.

Kale & Spinach // Fibre & B-vitamins

Avocado & Hemp Seeds // Fat & protein

WHY? B’coz these ingredients will help to balance out hormones & keep you full longer. And more importantly give you the energy boost you need to get to the end of the loooong days.

WATCH Mel chat food & energy.


// Get support
With Lisa @badmumsclub |

After Lisa became a second time Mum, her mental health took a big hit. And she’s here now to give you the pep talk, all Mums need.

You don’t have to suck it up! Motherhood is hard but there’s no trophies for the Mum that does everything by herself.

You should not have to do this alone.

You are worthy of support & you deserve it. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your mental health. If you’re feeling depleted or overwhelmed, please speak up & reach out.

WATCH Lisa to be inspired to get support.


If you try any of these fab tips, let us know. SNAP & SHARE your rejuvenated-self on Insta. TAG @facingmotherhood so we can ohhh & ahhh over you.

And if your face needs a wake up know where to find us [pssst - it's HERE].