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How to protect your skin in Summer

What’s not to love about Summer? Ummm, skin damage and sunburn! ‘Tis the season for early aging [wrinkly & tight], pigmentation [freckles & dark spots] & burnt skin [red, flaky & sore].

When you’ve got kids, staying inside all Summer long is unrealistic & boring. The warmer weather is perfect for outdoor adventures [& curing cabin fever]. So here’s a few simple ways to protect your skin during Summer & a natural goodie recommendation that'll help with sunburn.

Cover up, buttercup
Whether you’re splashing in the kiddie pool or playing at the park, pop on big-ass sunnies & a stylish wide brim hat. Because ^fashun^ & friggen-skin-sensible.

Don’t forget the dec
Instead of going low in the tee department, opt for a high-neck style. Your décolletage is as sensitive to the sun as your face. No.1 rule of skincare - Your face ends at your boobs! Sunscreen & cover your neck n’ dec, the way you would your face.

Screen & repeat
Vigilant about sunscreening your kids, but kind of forget about yourself? Eeek! Apply 30 mins before leaving the house & reapply ^every^ 2 hours & after swimming or sweating. Set an alarm reminder. 

Throwin’ shade
Roasting in the sun with coconut oil is so 1994. Going to the park? Sit under a tree. At the beach? Get a pop-up beach tent. Poolside in Bali? [You lucky thing]. Get under a big brolley. It’s time to get shady, lady.

Got burnt?
No one wants to look like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Getting burnt is painful & y'know, ^dangerous^. But you’re not here for a lecture, just something that’ll help take the ouchies away. Right?

You need MILK mama - Postpartum milk bath. Don’t let the name fool ya. This soak provides natural relief for burnt skin. Plus, you can make it into a paste & apply it to affected areas only.

This goodie contains Coconut milk & Colloidal Oatmeal. These hero ingredients are known for ~
`soothing itchy, flaky & dry skin
`cooling sunburn
`taking the sting away
`nourishing & moisturising peeling skin 

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