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Simple ways to switch off from Mum-mode at night

Do the victory dance when the kids are ^finally^ off to snooze town? But just as you smugly plop your bum on the couch, you’re scrolling through the 147 images you took of the kids that day. Or you’re running through tomorrows mammoth to-do list whilst Googling ^fussy eating tips^.

STOP! It’s time to chill, put ^Muuuuum^ to bed and be YOU!

It’s hard isn’t it? But to really recharge those Mama batteries, you’ll need to make switching-off a habit. Here’s 5 ideas you might like to try to shake Mum-mode at the end of a looong day.

Swanky candle
That pretty candle in the corner ain’t just for decoration. You ^can^ use it. Pick the beautiful smelling one as scents can instantly transform your mood. Light that baby up and slip into a relaxed mode.

Tea time
Don’t save the fancy blends for guests. Treat yourself to a VIP tea drinking experience every night. Get sippin’ on one that’ll help you nod off – like Chamomile tea. Go herbal or go home!

Face off
Cleanse the day away. Even if you haven’t worn make-up, a day of Mama-ing will be evident on your skin [oh-dear-gaaawd, please let that be chocolate]. Splish-splash your face clean and then pop on a luxurious eye cream.

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Book worm
Sure, stalking Insta-famous Mamas who strangely wear white and have angel-like kids, seems like a hoot! But hold off before you get lured down the rabbit hole of memes & hashtag blessed-ville. Dust off a book and get lost in 50 shades of whatever.

Sweet feet
Miss having bath but can’t be arsed cleaning it ^again^? Just do the ¼ version and create a simple DIY foot spa. Bucket – CHECK - warm water – CHECK – nice bath sh^t someone gave me as a K.K pressie – CHECK! Soak until you can soak no more.

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Love one of these ideas? We thought you might. Pick one and pop an alarm reminder in your phone. When the monsters go to bed tonight, switch-off from Mum-mode and go straight into Me-mode. Happy chillaxing!