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Switching to natural skincare - How to make the smooth move

Gave natural skincare a go, but it made your skin freak the f^ck out? Before you swear off it for good, we'd love for you to hear us out.

To make the smooth move from toxic products to natural goodies, you'll need to commit to the process. Here's how:  

Week 1-4
When you start using natural skincare, your skin will go through a detox phase. Skin cells will renew and work hard to get rid of nasty toxins. You may experience breakouts but it's a normal skin reaction. Keep going.

TIP ~ Use a natural clay based mask once per week to help detox & draw out impurities. Hellooo, mask Mondays.  

Week 5-8 
This is the honeymoon phase. With the nasties gone, your fresh face is more welcoming of new & natural products. Take it slow and give your skin a chance to test the waters.

Week 9-12
The ultimate test of skincare friendship. Take a closer look at your skin. Have you seen an improvement? Because if it's not glow-y it's a no-y. But if it's a YAY, then it can stay.

IMPORTANT -  Patch test [always]. If you've put something on your skin & it's made you scream like a wounded animal, stop using it like-right-now. Rinse with cold water & seek ^real^ medical advice [not Dr Google].

Skincare isn't like ^Married at First Sight^. You can't say you're committed and then cheat on it within a week. Natural skincare - it's a long game. Ready to play?

p.s ~ facing motherhood goodies are Natural ~ Vegan ~ Tested on Mamas ~ Made in Melbourne. I'm #justsayin.