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Holly and Marie - The female founders of facing motherhood. A natural and vegan skincare range for Mums.

We met on the internet...#truestory

Instagram to be exact. It was mum-love at first Mocha. 


Heeey, we're Holly & Marie the co-founders of facing motherhood.

Two Melbourne Mamas with two kidlets each [Marie #teampink & Holly #teamblue].

A few sleepless months ago, we were both doing our own thang. Holly jumped on her Insta stories and asked if any local Mamas would like to join her on weekly Zoo outings. Marie was up for it. We spent weeks sippin' Mochas & begging our pre-schoolers not to climb into animal enclosures.

One day Hols DM'd Marie with a ^crazy^ idea. Marie didn't think it was cray-cray at all. We had this fudge-yeah feelin' that together we could help Mamas face motherhood. Especially the ri-donkulously tired ones.

facing motherhood is about sassy self-care goodies for Mamas [only]. We create skincare & bodycare items that are natural, vegan, made in Melbourne and tested on Mamas. It's luxe minus the big bucks so you don't go without.  


Boss Mama HOLLY
Word smithett & self-care cheerleader

Holly Brunnbauer - Co-founder of facing motherhood

When Holly stumbled out of the first-time mum fog, she made it her mission to create a rad local community of Hood Mamas. Hol-burger revolted against all of the resources that were ^just for kids^ and created Motherhood Melbourne that put the Mum front and centre. She loves telling a tale or two on the blog, having a yarn on her podcast and sharing events that make Mums wanna have fu-un. 

At facing motherhood she's in charge of the blah-blahs, first to test goodies and gets up in ya grill to spread the #selfcareeveryday message.

When Holly grows up she'd like to take naps and wake her kids up at 1am & 4am - just for cheap thrills. 

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Boss Mama MARIE
Beauty guru & skincare formulator

Marie Cunico - Co-founder of facing motherhood.

Not just a pretty face. Marie is all types of smarts. She knows the A to the Zs of all things beauty & skincare. Her obsession began as a 4 year old playing [destroying] her Mama's Revlon blush in dark pink. Who knew this would catapult her into becoming a cosmetic consultant, make-up & lash artist to then a natural skincare maker.

As the facing motherhood form-u-la-tor [must be spoken robotically like the Terminator] Marie cleverly selects natural ingredients and goes into her Mumcave to whip up the goodies for Mamas.

When Marie grows up she'd like to live on a tropical island and drink coconuts all day.

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Fallen head over sneakers for facing motherhood? Shucks, thanks. Jump onto our V.I.M list. We gotchu Mama.

Take care of yo' self,
Holly & Marie x