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Nerd up & find out what's going on your face n' bod -

Natural ~ Vegan ~ Tested on Mamas ~ Made in Melbourne

Calendula flowers
Lady bits on fire? This beauty is known around town as a natural first aid treatment. Due to her antiseptic nature, she’ll always lend a hand with healing wounds & burny bits. She also goes a step further with relieving skin discomfort associated with dryness, eczema & psoriasis. Whatta doll!
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath.

Camellia seed oil
1 year in motherhood feels like 5 pre-kid years [am I right?]. Good thing this oil is high in oleic acid, which is nourishing for dry, sun damaged & aging skin. Camellia also knows her A.B.Es – Vitamins that is. She’ll shower you with antioxidant qualities to help protect skin from harsh elements like sun, wind & air pollutants.
Goodies ~ ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Chamomile extract
Redder than a tomato? This extract has got your back. She’s got quite a rep for reducing redness from irritated skin. Plus, she tops it off with her anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe dry, itchy & inflamed skin. An all-round legend!
Goodies ~ ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Chamomile flowers
Got a lot going on down there? There’s nothing swell about post-birth swelling. Thank flowers, this ingredient has skin healing proprieties associated with swelling & wound healing. She’s also delightfully blissful and often used to relieve postpartum stress, anxiety & help wired Mamas get the minutes of sleep they deserve.
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath.

Coconut milk
Got milk? Hope it’s coconut because it’ll help your Mama muscles to chillax. It’s also richy-rich in Vitamin C, magnesium & copper. All of which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help smooth out the appearance of pigmentation caused by the sun. Coconut milk also loves to soothe, nourish & moisturise skin.
Goodies ~ MILK mama – Postpartum milk bath.

Coffee seed oil
Need a MEGA coffee hit? You’re a Mama – silly question! Being rich in caffeine means that it reduces the build-up of blood under the eye area. Goodbye tired panda eyes & sayonara puffiness. 
Goodies ~ ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Coffee seed powder
Coffee lover? Give your skin a sip of the good stuff. The caffeine found in this powder is known to help stimulate blood flow to the skin surface. This assists with the breakdown of fatty deposits in areas prone to dimply delightful skin. 
Goodies ~ Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant.

Colloidal Oatmeal
Itchy AF from hospital bandages, eczema or super dry skin? This beloved ingredient moisturises, nourishes and soothes. Plus, offers natural & gentle skin cleansing properties. Total sweetheart!
Goodies ~ MILK Mama – Postpartum Milk Bath

Cucumber extract
Cool as a cute-cumber. Hanging out with this rockstar will make you feel instantly cool. He’s a de-puffer & sooth talker, from way back when.
Goodies ~ ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Epsom salts
Haemorrhoids – a pain in the ass, butt so common post-birth. This salty baby is known to soothe irritation from haemorrhoids & reduce downtown swelling. After-birth muscle n’ skin aches & pain – BE GONE! Epsom salts bring the relief & relaxation that postpartum Mama needs.
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath & MILK mama – Postpartum milk bath.

Green coffee seed extract
Last call for smoother skin. This ingredient has gentle exfoliation properties. It’ll help ya shed skin cells to make room for fresher n’ fab skin. Plus, smooths out stretchmarks and scars. 
Goodies ~ Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant & ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Green tea extract
Sun – Wind – Air pollutants! We ain’t singing the intro to Captain Planet. The antioxidants in this extract, likes to protect our skin from these damaging elements. This green superhero is known to soothe itchy, dry, aging & sun damaged skin. It commonly fights skin crimes such a rosacea, eczema & dermatitis.
Goodies ~ ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Hibiscus flowers
Not just a pretty flower ya know. She’s ultra rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C. Which means she help with cell renewal & mild exfoliation to reveal a healthier, brighter & softer Mum bod.
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath.

Himalayan Salt
This pink-a-licious beauty is known to help reduce swelling and soothe body aches & pain. Perfect to help your painful pink bits.
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath.

Mama need sleep? Lovely lavender can drop you off at Zzz-Town! She’s so calming. Got muscular aches & pains? No probs. She’s totes the gal for the job.
Goodies ~ Post parTEA – Postpartum tea bath.

Parfum [natural vegetable-based preservative]
Nope, not referring to the ingredient found in your fav Brittany Spears perfume. This broad-spectrum preservative is 100% natural & vegetable derived [the good sh#t]. It is used to prevent any nasty ingredients from developing in your skincare…eeek! FreshSide - BestSide.
Goodies ~ Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant & ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Shea butter
I can’t believe it’s not [shea] butter you’ve used for itchy-witchy skin. All good, we’ve got this buttery baby in our goodies to moisturise & soothe your Mum bod. It also smooths the appearance of stretch marks & scars.
Goodies ~ Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant & ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.

Often gets a bad wrap because other ^inferior^ skincare brands use it to bulk up a cream [tisk, tisk]. We don’t get bulky. We use a teeny tiny amount of purified water so that our goodies are easily absorbed into your skin. Then watch the magic happen Mama.
Goodies ~ Boom MOCHA laka – Face n’ bod exfoliant & ESPRESS yo self – Eye cream.